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Red Earth Wellness is born out of a love of this land. Emily and Daniel Mills moved to Louisiana after living in England (where Daniel is from) and Spain for many years. They are accomplished foragers and medicine makers who have a dream to share the abundance that is found in our special part of the world. There is no doubt that we are facing some incredibly big and serious ecological challenges, but our sincerest hope is that through fostering a connection with place through education, stewardship and conscious commerce, we can begin to create paradise right here and now.

Emily and Dan began to connect with their landscape in a fundamental way during their time living in Madrid, Spain. They had the good fortune to live at the entrance to Europe’s largest city park, Casa de Campo where there was an incredible amount of land left wild. They began to explore and watch the wild quail, pheasants, hares, badgers and the “invasive” but incredibly fun green African parakeets. Soon, they began to encounter the older generation searching the ground with sticks for something unseen. Being extremely curious and perhaps moderately annoying, Dan asked the men what they were doing and they said looking for mushrooms. Dan began to return again and again and obsessively read local field guides. Serendipitously, he found his mentor, Palmira Pozuelo, with whom he studied Traditional European Herbalism, including the Galenic tradition of preparations, spagyrics and plant alchemy. He studied at Alkemila in El Escorial, Spain with his mentor in plant medicine and magic.

When they returned to Louisiana, they quickly discovered that the landscape that they had begun to learn so intimately was fundamentally different here, and nothing could be taken for granted as known. The landscape of the Southern US is epic in a different way, and the challenge was accepted to try and understand this unique bioregion in their own humble way.  The land here is initiatory, and sometimes quite literally requires blood sacrifice. Mosquitoes, chiggers, snakes, alligators, poison ivy, extreme heat and humidity- our flora and fauna are not playing around! While there are wild foods to be found in abundance, it also became clear that many of the plants they began to encounter were medicinal plants with a rich ethnobotanical history. Emily found this fascinating with her background in Anthropology, and so she set out to begin to have a deep enough grasp to incorporate some of these local plants into remedies for her families minor ailments.  As time progressed and she has deepened her understanding in plant medicine, she is beginning to expand her practice into the local community.

Emily is a Clinical Herbalist, trained in bioregional herbalism at the Wildflower School for Botanical Medicine. She is also a yoga teacher (RYT200) currently practicing and teaching locally at Aspire Yoga Center. She has also completed professional training courses in Kundalini Yoga, Rebirthing Breathwork,  and is currently working on her prenatal yoga certification..  Emily is also a wild food forager, wildcrafter of plant medicine, avid gardener and mother to beautiful Amethyst and Rosemary.


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