5 thoughts on “Bioregional Apothecary

  1. I live in central Louisiana just across form Natchez Mississippi. I’ve been studying herbals remedies. I thought about taking online classes. I
    Haven’t researched enough to find one yet that knows Louisiana. If you could give me any advice in finding classes I would appreciate it. Right now I making remedies with essential oils. This spring I would like to plant my whole back yard with medicinal plants that grow in Louisiana naturally and also other plants that will thrive in gardening zone 8. I haven’t found a website yet or any books related to wild medicinal fauna in Louisiana yet. I have a long way to go. I’ve scrapped the very top by reading about home remedies that are very common. Using plants that are pretty common to everyone. Aloe Vera, lavander etc. I would like to be able to recognize the plants located around me when I go outside or to the forest. Thank you for listening and any help you could provide.


    • Hi there. Thanks for getting in touch. I am not aware of anyone doing online classes specifically for Louisiana. The herbal community here is still not well developed, outside is New Orleans. Jen Stovall and Maypop herb shop are amazing down there, and Rosalie Apothecary is also there. perhaps you could make it to a class down there sometime. up here, I periodically run classes, although I took a break to finish up my clinical training, but this spring am going to be providing a lot more herbal information specific to this area both on the blog and in person, so stay connected with us here or on Facebook! I truly feel that the most important thing is to start growing plants and learning about them one by one. Get a good field guild and start identifying the wild plants around you if you haven’t already. Do what you can, and the next step will become clear! Good luck and hope to meet you sometime soon- there’s not that many of us here!


  2. Hello You folks were suggested regarding my interest in foraging. I live near Baton Rouge and am a diabetic. I have been looking for Jerusalem Artichokes as they have a low GI. I am very new to foraging and would say thanks for any help.


    • Hi Gary! Thanks for getting in touch. In my experience, the wild jerusalem artichokes tend to have smaller tubers than what is convenient/possible to harvest and prepare. My advice to you would be to find a good source for sunchokes with heirloom genetics (Ardea Homestead based in Appalachia has great ones that we have had good results with) and plant them so that you have your own manageable patch. It makes so much more sense if your plan is to harvest from them, in my opinion. I do not have much experience with drinking tea made from the leaves, but it is pleasant tasting and is also meant to be great for blood sugar regulation. Hope that helps, and also know that I am available for skype sessions if you’d ever like to delve deeper into holistic herbal approaches to diabetes 🙂 Take care! -Emily


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