quiet times and flu musings

It’s been quiet for the month of December around here. My 37th birthday, the holiday season, and the epic flu are some of the reasons for that. We are now into the middle of 6 below freezing nights. Some of the garden greens have covers on them, the citrus is in the garage, and everything else is left to it’s own devices. After a week of the stomach flu post Thanksgiving and a week of the other flu post Christmas, my body and mind feel simultaneously exhausted and restless.

A few takeaways from my time with flu:

-if you can stomach it and aren’t pregnant, drink a strong bitter brew of something like mugwort, sagebrush or yarrow at the first sign of fever.

-Hot yarrow tea before bed means uncomfortable and fitful sleep, but is worth it to persevere.

-Respiratory steams are so helpful. My blend for this flu was always a combination of louisiana sagebrush, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and calendula.

-elderberry syrup or oxymel (loving my current elderberry/sumac/bee balm/oregano oxymel)

-orange juice with added greens powder or green juice in general. Dan made me some wild green juice with chickweed, cleavers and pineapple.

-hot baths. So many hot baths. And warm socks.

-Japanese knotweed for post flu recovery

-gentle yoga and stretching to help out those muscle aches. Oh, the muscle aches were so bad, and compounded by being immobile in bed for days on end.

It’s now exactly one week post when it became apparent I was really sick, and I feel just now ready to start rebuilding myself and my life. I have a lot of work to finish from before I got sick, and i’m working on it. I’m looking forward to cooking myself some nutritious, nourishing and healing meals in the days and weeks to come. I’ve mostly been eating either toast or takeout, which is not optimal in any way.

Here’s to starting 2018 with maximum rest, healing and nutrition!

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