Kundalini Yoga in Shreveport

I am incredibly excited to begin teaching Kundalini Yoga in Shreveport. I completed teacher training back in 2012, and like what happens for so many new mothers, my yoga practice really fell by the wayside as postpartum, adjusting to life in a new city, building a business, and LIFE happens! It feels like things are returning full circle now, and here we are. Currently, I am offering class at 8:45 am Tuesdays at the Agora Borealis downtown on Lake St.


I am also teaching a Monday night meditation class at 6:30 pm at Destination U on Line Avenue. We begin June 20 for a special Summer Solstice Meditation.


One thought on “Kundalini Yoga in Shreveport

  1. Are you by chance still teaching this yoga class at AB? If not, do you teach Kundalini somewhere else these days? Thank you.


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