Herbal Vinegars

Dandelion flower, shiso leaves, sumac, purslane, mixed basil, and Mineralize! Blend

Dandelion flower, shiso leaves, sumac, purslane, mixed basil, and Mineralize! Blend.

Did you know that herbal vinegars are easy and effective medicine? In some cases, making a vinegar based extraction of herbs is preferable to an alcohol based tincture, glycerite or water based infusion.

Vinegar does an excellent job extracting minerals from herbs. Herbs such as nettle, non aromatic mints such as henbit and dead nettle, burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, chickweed or purslane hold up particularly well to vinegar.

You can add honey or herb infused honey to an herbal infused vinegar to make a delicious and medicinal herbal oxymel. Herbal oxymels are a lovely addition to sparkling water or juice, but also work very well as a soothing and throat healing syrup, in part due to the inherent antiseptic properties of the vinegar.

We use our herbal vinegar in many ways depending on the herb involved and intended function. As someone who is prone to issues with blood iron levels, I regularly take yellow dock root vinegar. It isn’t particularly tasty, but wonderful at helping the body hold on to iron. I will mix it with a tastier vinegar into a salad dressing or marinade, or sometimes take a spoonful by itself to really allow my taste buds to get a feel for the medicine. A drop of honey can make this experience more palatable. On the other hand, pickled dandelion flowers and the vinegar they are in is a delicious vinegar! I use the picked flowers (poor mans capers!) in salads and other dishes that would ordinarily call for pickles.

Try your hand at making your own herbal vinegars, or try one of ours!

Red Earth Wildcrafted makes yellow dock root vinegar, Mineralize! Blend vinegar, sumac berry vinegar and a variety of seasonally flavored oxymels and Fire Tonic for sale.

If you’d like to get some of your own, you can come by the last Shreveport Farmers’ Market of the season. Alternatively, send us a message at our Red Earth Wildcrafted page on Facebook (don’t forget to follow us!) or at redearthsbc@gmail.com.

Vinegars are $12 and oxymels are $15 for a 4 oz glass bottle of handcrafted herbal love.


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