Cleavers, a last hurrah!



This Spring, I experimented with a new way of preparing and enjoying one of my most beloved early Spring greens, cleavers- the simple cold water infusion! Simply put, you add your cleavers to a big glass jar, fill it with cold water and let sit overnight in the fridge.  The next morning, strain the liquid and you have a beautifully colored and mellow tasting cold water infusion to drink throughout the day.

Cleavers  (gallium aprium) are one of the easiest to identify wild plants, extremely common all around the States and Europe where they grow as a weed in patches along hedges, fences, around trees etc. They are excellent for gently cleansing our blood and lymph, and when they appear they are abundant! It seems like they will be around forever but like all good things, their nature is ephemeral and before you know it they flower, then fruit and…

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